Spatially Independent User Interface (SIUI)

SIUI is a self-initiated research project. SIUI stands for Spacially Independent User Interface, and deals with the concept of computer interfaces that float in mid-air, as seen mainly in Hollywood films like Iron Man and Minority Report. The aim of this research project is to conceptually explore what it would take to make something like this a technological reality.

Project Background

5/25/2010 This evening I went to see Iron Man 2 with Ashley. It was an awesome film. Watching Tony Stark interact with the J.A.R.V.I.S. computer's interface inspired me to wonder, "how could such an interface work in real life?" It would have to be able to illuminate the air with out projection or screen. So how would it be possible?

Some problems to consider:

  1. How could molecules in the air be illuminated without a projector or external light source?
  2. How could molecules or particles be illuminated without a charged fillament or material?
  3. How could the interface respond to somebody touching it? And how could it communicate that data back to the processor?
  4. How could the interface possess a spacial framework knowledge that it exsists in? (ie - maintain a particular position or occupy a certain space?)